Migraines? Skip the Tylenol. We have a better idea.

Chronic headaches and migraines are unfortunately a common side-effect of daily life in our current society. They can be triggered by lack of sleep, stress, sitting in a chair all day, the list goes on. Generally speaking, a one-off headache can usually be treated with a combination of some over the counter pain relievers, plenty of water, and going to bed early. A one-off headache is nothing when compared to the pain and disruption of chronic headaches or constant migraines. Fortunately, there’s evidence suggesting that regular massage therapy can help increase the quality of life for folks who experience bad headaches.

In case you were unaware, massage therapy is an excellent way to promote physical relaxation, relieve tension throughout the body, and manage stress. Migraines are often caused by - you guessed it - stress, and tension. Research shows that individuals who make time for regular massage therapy (both weekly and bi-weekly) report experiencing migraines less often are sleeping better, and more comfortable overall. Receiving a massage is truly a “one-two” punch in the fight against migraines. The first swing is active relief in increasing blood flow and loosening up the muscles around the head and neck to nullify the pain associated with migraines. The second swing is the preventative action in that receiving a massage is in itself relaxing and stress-relieving, thus potentially kicking the next migraine to the curb before it even shows up. Huzzah!

Now we’re *not* advocating for massage therapy as the ultimate cure for all things headache related. Always consult with your doctor if you’re in pain and worried about your personal health, or if your headaches are “out of this world” painful!