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NEW! January Blog:

Post-Massage Workout Dos and Don’ts

Regular massage work to accompany a gym routine can do awesome things for your training! Did you know there’s an ideal rest period after receiving a massage or bodywork? Our latest blog goes over the “dos and don’ts” of working out after a massage. Knowledge is power!

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January Blog:

Making the most of your RESOLUTIONS

My New Years Resolution is to actually keep up with my New Years Resolution. Meeting your New Year Goals can be easier than you think! Our latest blog is all about making the most of your own resolutions!

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December Blog:

Going Toe-to-Toe with Wintertime “Scrunch” Pain

Cold outside - cold inside. Winter weather can lead to winter stiffness, especially in your neck and shoulders. Check out our latest blog for simple stretches and ways to keep your muscles and bones warm this winter, and keep the seasonal soreness at bay.

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December Blog:

Massage FAQ you might be too shy to ask

No such thing as stupid questions, right? If you’re thinking about booking a massage for the first time, you might have some... Awkward questions… That’s alright because we went ahead and answered some of the questions you might be too shy to ask. Check out our latest blog post where we’ve compiled some First Time Massage FAQs.

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November Blog:

Staying Well During the Holiday Season

Holidays are mandatory, misery is optional. Take a gander at our newest blog post where we hash out some tricks to keeping the holiday crazies at a minimum.

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November Blog:

Five Ways Massage Therapy Can Melt Your Winter Blues

Take the time to learn about Seasonal Affective Disorder and how a visit to your local massage therapist can decrease the symptoms of SAD, and help keep your Winter on track.

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