Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

For table massage, clients are most often undressed to their level of comfort. All of our Massage Therapists use proper draping techniques, so the only part of the client's body that is exposed, is the area that is being massaged. Most clientele keep their bottom underwear on, some people take everything off, and some clients feel most comfortable in a shirt and shorts. We want both you and the therapist to feel comfortable during the session.

Am I expected to tip?

At Massage Mechanics we endeavor to pay our staff a living wage and set our prices such that tips are not required. However, tips are always welcome!

What is the difference between a relaxation and a therapeutic massage?

The terms 'relaxation' and 'therapeutic' are used to refer to the goal of the massage. and the techniques used to achieve this. Relaxation means the client is looking for a systemic feeling of relaxation during and after the massage, for some clients this means medium to lighter pressure, and focus on general full body, or hands and feet and scalp. However some clients find deep tissue the most relaxation.  Therapeutic massage refers to a client hoping to have a specific problem area addressed, with the goal being affecting positive change on that area, either by 'fixing' the problem, or relieving pain. Often this type of massage ends up being medium to deeper tissue, however some clients find great relief through lighter pressure therapeutic massage as well.  Ultimately we will cater the session to your needs!