The month of October always brings with it a certain special aura. Days are ending noticeably earlier, leaves are turning shades of red and yellow and littering our sidewalks and driveways (but who doesn’t love stepping on a crunchy leaf?), and stores are starting to display all the Halloween decorations! When the world feels like it’s getting ready to take a long rest and sunshine and warm weather are harder to come by, it’s no wonder many cultures in history use this time of year to honor the dead and other-worldly. Halloween traditions such as dressing in costume, handing out sweets, and harvest-themed decor all have roots in ancient festivals and religions. These days, especially in America, Halloween is generally considered a non-secular holiday that focuses more on fun and community engagement. Some folks do choose to incorporate their personal religious practices into how they choose to celebrate.

Halloween occurs during Scorpio season (Oct. 23 - Nov. 22). As a water sign, Scorpio is known for bringing intense change, or the metaphysical/metaphorical “death”. This year, we’ll experience a new moon on the 27th, which is a great time to begin a meditation to reflect on the lessons of the season. Is there anything in your life you’re ready to “put to rest”? What has brought you grace and thankfulness? These questions will help guide you through this transformative (and occasionally confusing) time. If you’re someone who maintains a close relationship with your ancestors in the spirit world, this is a perfect time to check-in. Or, if you’ve been curious and would like to start building that relationship, the Halloween season is a particularly excellent place to connect. It’s said that the energy dividing our own world with the spirit world becomes “thin”.

Take some time this month to reflect on your year up to this point. What sorts of changes are you thankful for? What sort of change are you looking to implement? No matter if you’re a person who uses this time of year for more traditional and spiritual celebration, or just some costume-wearing-candy-eating fun, Scorpio season can offer insight for everybody. For a closer look at your personal spiritual state, or to sit down and get some direction, Emily is available for tarot readings and intention settings by appointment.