New year, new you! On the first of every year, the masses start going on about how THIS is the year! They’re finally gonna get their life on track in one way or another, or really accomplish those goals! The turn of the new year is a really convenient time to make some changes in your life, but most resolutions go abandoned by the end of January. Now we don’t want you laying your resolutions to rest before your happy with the results of your efforts, so we’ve got a few ideas to keep ‘em up.

Make Resolutions Catered to YOU!

One thing to remember is that your goals should be YOUR goals - not goals you’ve modeled after someone else. Maintaining a certain level of reality in the very beginning of the planning process is important for the greatest success. Start small and manageable, and as you meet your goals you can challenge yourself more and more! For example, if my resolution is to save more money, I’ll make a goal to put away $10 a week to start. Once I know I can commit to $10 a week, I can see about putting away $15 a week, then $20, then $25 and so on. Trying to go from zero to one hundred can feel disheartening, and cause some folks to abandon their resolutions early due to feeling frustrated.

Have a Plan.

Now, “having a plan” doesn’t have to mean to have every single detail carved in stone. However, having a general game-plan for how you’d like to go about achieving your resolution goals can make the first of the year a LOT less intimidating. Rather than stressing “how am I gonna do this!?” you’ve already got an idea, so no excuses! Plans can be anything from a calendar illustrating what you should be doing, to a list of when you’d like to be reaching milestones. Whatever is most motivating to you!

Reward System.

Everyone likes presents! Setting up a reward system for yourself will do two things: force you to keep track of your progress, and motivate you to keep on keepin’ on. Rewards don’t have to be anything extravagant, either. Maybe treat yourself to your favorite dessert, or a massage (*wink wink*).

Don’t Keep it a Secret!

Rarely is there a more motivating force than solidarity. Let your friends know your resolution plans, and chances are they’ll tell you theirs. Friendly reminders and competition between buddies is HUGE for personal accountability and can make the process more fun with friends involved.

At the end of the day, resolutions are about self-improvement, self-care, and just feeling good! Creating personal change for the sake of a happier life is such an awesome experience. Unfortunately, resolutions don’t always have the intended effect. If at any point trying to achieve your resolutions is causing you stress, anxiety, or unhappiness, it is more than okay to cut back, or to throw in the towel. You know yourself best! We’re just here to help you on your journey any way we can.