Things are hard. That sentiment goes without saying for so many people - especially millennials. In response to that clear societal problem, plenty of publications and businesses use the concept of “adulting is hard” to try to relate to the millennial generation like it’s just the next funny quip they can use to get people through the door, to buy this product, to subscribe to this lifestyle. Self-care has been presented as this luxurious extra thing you have to pay big bucks to really achieve. The fact remains clear that folks are constantly putting themselves at a stand-still in an effort to relieve some stress. The proof exists in the roll-over tasks you didn’t do yesterday constantly piling up, the phone call/post-office anxiety preventing you from accomplishing seemingly simple tasks, and the list goes on. Sure, everyone can have a giggle at an “adulting” meme, but it’s not really funny.

Massage Mechanics was founded on the idea of serving the Ypsilanti community by means of quality, accessible services. The key word here being “accessible” - if we can’t work with you, your budget, and your schedule, we’re not doing our job. The work we do is meant to act as preventative maintenance. Massage is more than just essential oils and nice music - it keeps your body in comfortable shape, prevent injuries, and helps relieve your aches and pains. Our facility was created to be an oasis where we can keep breaking bodies together so they can keep hauling their everyday load. We want to serve as a safe space where you can come, leave your cell phone at home, and turn your brain off for an hour.

We understand that even booking an appointment is hard, and even if you get that far, money doesn’t grow on trees. You have options.
Did you know you can book an appointment via our website, or you can even text the office? You don’t have to put on your “phone voice” for us.

Did you know our 45-minute massage is only $55 so you’re not paying an arm and a leg along with your firstborn to get work done?

We’re trying to break the mold of seeing self-care as a luxury. Everyone is entitled to feeling refreshed in their physical and mental selves. Reach out to us whether it’s by phone, our website, or text, and let us know what we can do for you.