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Now that we are operating out of a larger location in downtown Ypsilanti, we are offering some new services to our menu!



Restorative Movement Class:

You are how you move

Massage Mechanics is excited to announce that we are offering Restorative Movement classes!

What’s Restorative Movement, you ask? It’s not a work-out like you’re probably imagining, and it’s not just stretching, either. It’s a series of lessons to teach you the most efficient way to move your body during everyday activity, and what unhealthy movement patterns you may have adopted. Join Beth, our Restorative Exercise Specialist, to learn how to improve your body’s day to day mobility to prevent injury, pain, and discover more freedom of movement through guided practice.
Restorative Movement will take place every Monday at 630pm from January 14 through Feb 11

Sign up for the whole session (5 classes) for $65 or $15 drop-ins.

We’ll see you there!

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Post-Massge Workout Do’s and Don’ts

Regular massage work to accompany a gym routine can do awesome things for your training! Did you know there’s an ideal rest period after receiving a massage or bodywork? Our latest blog goes over the “dos and don’ts” of working out after a massage. Knowledge is power!

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