What's New at Massage Mechanics

Now that we are operating out of a larger location in downtown Ypsilanti, we are offering some new services to our menu!

We’re giving online booking a whirl!

Your feedback is appreciated as we work out the kinks in this new system, but we’re excited to offer online booking as an option! If the online booking site doesn’t have what you are looking for feel free to still contact us the old fashioned way via phone, email, or text! We also still have the Request Appointment Form as well.

If you need a FIRST FLOOR room or would like to book a COUPLES massage, please follow up with us after booking your appointment so that we can ensure the appropriate room is available for you!

Check our new blog post:

April Showers Bring May Headaches.

April showers bring May’s headaches and perhaps more debilitating migraines. Noggin pain can be pretty common with rapid changes in temperature. Massage therapy can help in migraine relief and prevention, didn’t you know? Check out this week's blog for more information!

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Our new space at 7 South Washington!