Services & Prices


At Massage Mechanics, we focus on providing quality body work and we cater each session to the needs of the client. If you are looking for a general massage, all of the standard modalities are included in the price - we won't charge more for deep tissue! We also guarantee that what you pay for is what you get; if you book an hour massage you will get the full hour in hands-on massage time. All of our massage therapists are certified and state licensed, and we try to pair each client with the therapist that will provide the best style of massage to fully satisfy the needs of the client.

Gift Certificates

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Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage

All of our massage sessions are catered to the needs of the client. The massage services vary from therapeutic to relaxation massage, or some combination of the two. We offer neuromuscular therapy, myofascial massage, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, integrative techniques, reflexology, and prenatal massage.

$30 - 20 minutes (chair only)
$40 - 30 minutes
$55 - 45 minutes
$75 - 60 minutes
$105 - 90 minutes


Couples Massage

A couples massage is a great way to share your massage experience with a friend or partner. We open up a pair of double doors between two of our rooms to create one large space. This can be both a fun and relaxing way to share an hour of massage.

$80 - 30 minutes
$110 - 45 minutes
$150 - 60 minutes
$210 - 90 minutes


Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage, and the massage therapists who do hot stone have additional training, certification, and insurance in this type of work. A hot stone massage uses heated smooth stones that are placed on the body and also used to massage the client. The heat from the stones helps muscles and connective tissue relax and allows the therapist to work deeper and quicker without using as much pressure as a deep tissue massage.  The client will often feel a deep sense of relaxation after a hot stone massage, and drinking extra water is highly recommended.

$85 - 60 minutes
$115 - 90 minutes


Raindrop Therapy

Essential oils are applied to the back and feet of the client, combining massage techniques with specific blends of oils for an aromatic and rejuvenating experience.

$85 - 60 minutes


Thai Massage

Thai massage is a specialty massage, and the massage therapists who perform thai massage have additional training or certification in this concentration. When receiving a thai massage, the recipient remains fully clothed, and the therapist combines acupressure,  assisted yoga postures, and stretching to achieve many of the same benefits of a traditional massage. After a thai massage the client will often feel both relaxed and rejuvenated.

$115 - 90 minutes

Frequent Buyer Card

Heard about our Frequent Buyer Card?

After 6 massages, you get 1 half off!  We don’t require you to pay for any packages or massages upfront and we are a no contract massage establishment. Just bring your card in with you for every massage and we will mark each hand as you go. We will even set the card to be whatever minute amount works for you, be it an hour, half hour, or something else. Set your own pace for how quickly you fill it!

Give us a call to set up your next appointment, and start tracking your mileage!



Yoga Classes

Mondays and Thursdays at 530pm.

Currently on hiatus, the next 6 week session starts Monday September 10th.

6 week sessions. Small group classes. $75 for 6 classes (1 per week) | $150 for 12 classes (2 per week) | $15 drop in

Tarot Readings & Intention Setting


Tarot Readings

This is an introspective meditation working within the framework of Tarot. Using the cards as prompts, Emily will guide you to a better understanding of your situation and your place in it.

$20 - 30 minutes
$40 - 60 minutes

Intention Setting

Through conversation and goal mapping, Emily will work with you on creating a plan of intention to help you focus your mind and energy.

$20 - 30 minutes
$40 - 60 minutes