School aged kids picking out what color pencil case they’ll use this coming year. College students filling out a crisp new planner with important dates from the syllabus, insisting they’ll be more organized. Football season approaching, Halloween decorations starting to filter into stores shelves. The end of summer is all at once a sad nostalgia, a refreshing feeling, and a reminder that all the warmth and colors of summer must come to a conclusion.

To give a little insight to ourselves and our community, we asked Emily, our resident spiritualist, if she had any advice to give or clarity to pass onto us as we all creep towards the final quarter of the year.

The Aquarian full moon just passed (August 15th-17th). This particular full moon was all about uncovering truths - as is habitual for the conspiracist Aquarius. The goal in finding these truths is to understand and learn yourself first so that you can more easily relate to others in your life. This particular moon combined with a vitalizing Leo season, it’s become all about Getting Sh*t Done™, and appreciating the rare opportunity to enjoy both the process as well as the outcome of getting to know yourself. This may not always work out exactly as you’d hope, but it’s okay to be proud of your efforts.

As we transition into autumn, look at the fruits of your labors. Moving forward, your actions should focus on maintenance and keeping the environment desirable for these fruits. All this means is to be cautious of your bad habits, unmindfulness, and lower tendencies preventing your efforts from meeting their full potential. You’re your own worst enemy, and biggest fan. You’ve proven your worth and capabilities, and your successes (both big and small) are to be celebrated by continued positive habits and blazing further down the trails that found you success in the first place.

Savor the lull that comes as the high energy of midsummer winds down. Use it to reflect on the season and commit the best parts to memory, and prepare for the harvest season and all that is to come in autumn.