Even though winter is officially over, it’s lasting effects on so many of us can hang on long after the frost melts. Seasonal Affective Disorder and the vaguely unhealthy hibernation routines can make it harder to make the most out of the change in season. In an effort to encourage you to warm up your winter bones, we came up with a few ideas to help nudge the spring out of your step this spring!

Create a morning routine.
Calm down, nobody is expecting you to wake up any earlier than you already have to, but creating a positive morning routine can kick your days off on the right foot. Maybe your morning is a rush trying to get yourself out the door. Put a pin in that by laying out your clothes, and trying to tackle as many morning check-list items as you can the night before. With the sun waking up earlier, that gross and sluggish “why am I awake right now?” feeling should be served an eviction notice.

KonMari your space.
I’m convinced Marie Kondo is an otherworldly ethereal being sent to us from space to help us and motivate us to let go of all the nonsense that piles up in our lives. Watch some of her Netflix show, or check out her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up for some incredibly insightful organizational tips. Letting go of excess possessions that serve no purpose and don’t “spark joy” can be an incredibly cathartic experience during the change of seasons. Spring cleaning is a thing for a reason, right?

Plan or create an outdoor space.
Obviously, not everyone has space that is physically outside to set up camp. In a perfect world, everyone would have their own patio to plant flowers and read on. However, the purpose of this is to reintroduce fresh air into your life on a regular basis. Even opening a kitchen or bedroom window and letting the air do its thing through the flow of your own home can be beneficial and uplifting.

Spring brings a new beginning for all the plants and animals - it can be a new beginning for you as well! Embrace the longer days, warmer weather, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and be well.