If you’re wondering if you should tip your massage therapist at the end of a visit, the answer from all of us at Massage Mechanics is “if you’re able, we’d appreciate it”. In general, it’s always polite to err on the side of caution and offer a tip in any situation you go to another individual for a service. Seeing your hair stylist, getting a tattoo, going out to eat or have drinks, even hiring movers are all situations where tipping isn’t necessarily expected, but to leave without offering one does come off as rude in our American culture.


The Massage Mechanics philosophy has always prided itself on providing bodywork and massage therapy in a way that is financially accessible, and inclusive (meaning we don’t want our place of business to only cater to the most well-off members of our community). Regular bodywork is, to us, not a luxury, but an important part of maintaining your physical and mental health. Massage therapy can do away with daily pain and discomfort, prevent further injury, and offers stress relief. We appreciate you coming to our studio for your bodywork needs, and we hope to have created a safe space for everybody, and we never want the concern of “I’ve got enough set aside for my session, but not an added tip” to keep you off the table, or away from the experience. Our first goal is to help the community - it just also happens to be our job. 

Now don’t get us wrong… None of us at Massage Mechanics are made of money, and we’ll always be very thankful when our guests and friends are able to tip after their visit. Just also know that if there’s a moment you have to choose between getting your massage and not leaving a tip, or not coming at all - you’ll always be welcome, and you’ll never be judged.