Loyalty goes a long way in supporting folks you care about, but in the massage world by sticking to one therapist, you might be doing yourself a disservice! Look at it this way; you’ve got your dentist, your chiropractor, and your general practitioner - they’re all your doctors, but they all serve different purposes! Just like getting the chocolate & vanilla swirl soft-serve, visiting two (or more) massage therapists can get you the best of all worlds. In fact, all of us at Massage Mechanics encourage you to experience what each of us has to offer and allow us to introduce you to our specialties.

Of course, if you’re a creature of habit, all our therapists will be able to address most needs, but some of us are better at certain things compared to others. Here’s a little breakdown of what each of us has to offer to help you build your own personal massage therapist dream team…

Andrea is the head-honcho of Massage Mechanics. Her work is firm, assertive and has a definitive flow from beginning to end. She makes a “road map” for every session with each client, so she knows exactly what her care plan is. Andrea is intuitive and her experience has given her the communication skills to ensure she’s using the proper technique and level of pressure for her clients.  She greatly enjoys working with active adults and athletes, as well as those who enjoy a good conversation during their sessions.

Beth’s corner is all about the “whole-body” approach. She likes to balance both broad and specific work to treat body dysfunction as though it were a puzzle. She’s our resident movement expert, so all of her clients get to experience her extra insight on alignment and how your daily movements might be making you “ouch”.  She is always learning about new tools to assist her massages, so don’t be surprised if she busts out a metal scraping tool for an assist on a problem area. Beth loves working with new mothers and clients experiencing TMJD.

Leah specializes in broad, deep therapy with the knowledge of when to use pinpoint pressure to make the most of her massages. After a session, she’ll send you off with some follow-up stretches and aftercare so your post-massage “feelgoods” last even longer. She enjoys working with clientele who are dedicated to their health and view the therapist-client relationship as a partnership.

Jesse is a ninja when it comes to trigger points and can apply deep pressure to those specific knots and sore spots. He is also experienced in energy work and can assist in balancing the energy within his clients (with their permission, of course)! He can also use hot stones, or even do a 2-hour massage to go that extra mile.

Julia excels at addressing multiple small issues in a short time. She’s got four years of experience in mastering different levels of pressure from very light and soothing, to using deeper pressure when needed. Julia loves to do hot stone massages, and work with prenatal clients.

Ryan has a unique way of combining Eastern and Western philosophies and approaches when working with his clients. He’s had training in Thai massage, cranio-sacral massage, and is especially knowledgeable in working with the lower body. Ryan utilizes a lot of muscle tests and assessments to assist in his work.

Wyatt is our sports go-to guy. His work tends to be heavier pressure, and heavier friction for folks whose high level of physical activity needs a tougher hand. He often works with a lot of athletes or clients who have those persistent knots that really need a heavy hand to get them moving.

Well, there you have it! We’ve got a pretty diversely educated crew, and we PROMISE your regular therapist won’t be offended if you book a session with someone else. Think of us like Pokemon, Chocolate Frog Cards, or Infinity Stones (you wanna collect ‘em all)!