Just as George Washington once said, “I cannot tell a lie..” I don’t care how many #bodypositivity posts I see on Instagram - I still feel self-conscious sometimes. Going into the details of how nonsensical it is to feel bad about a vessel that exists solely to carry your consciousness from place to place is for another day. Today we’re specifically talking about how, say it with me, “your massage therapist is a professional who is in their profession because they want to help people.

Experiencing the benefits of massage therapy is a gift that every person should be able to enjoy regardless of their body type, weight, or anything relating to their physical appearance. Too many times I’ve stumbled upon comments, articles, and thought pieces about how the wall between a person wanting a massage and booking themselves a massage is that they are concerned about being vulnerable with their massage therapist. Now, there’s no way to ignore the fact that getting a massage is a definitionally intimate experience. It is one person placing their hands on your body. It’s understandable that this process might seem daunting to some.

Each of us can only spend time within our own minds, so it’s hard to make that logical jump from “this is how I feel” versus “this is how things are”. In this case, the way things are is that massage therapists are trained professionals who paid to go to school for massage therapy in order to help people like you... Regardless of what you look like. All those flaws you might see in yourself mean nothing to your massage therapist. Stretch marks? Extra weight? Scars? Hair? Unimportant! Your comfort, relaxation, and happiness at the end of your session? Most important!

So to anybody who needs to hear this,

    Treat yo’ self.
            Book yourself a massage.
       You’re incredible.